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Can 15 minutes make a difference?
One-on-one time with your child will help instill a lifelong love of learning and help provide him with the skills needed for school success.

Preparing children for kindergarten readiness can be an overwhelming task. Tools for Motherhood provides fun age-appropriate activities in the five main subject areas.

1. Pre-Math
2. Pre-Science
3. Pre-Social Studies
4. Pre-Writing
5. Pre-Reading

This website is geared for mothers of young children ages 0-6 years old. Age-appropriate theme-based activities are provided for mothers to adapt and try with their own child/children, to aid in building a strong intellectual foundation for later academics. Each activity is created from simple things around the house.

Each month will have a different theme with new ideas for moms to try. After you’ve done the activities, we encourage you to share your favorite experience on the forum.

Mission Statement:
To help equip mothers (of young children ages 0 – 6 years old) with “tools” of things she can do to help prepare her young child for kindergarten readiness in the five main subject areas. Activities will be geared to items she has around the house and can be done for just a few minutes each day. To encourage mothers through scripture so as to validate her role as the first and most important teacher in the life of her child. To provide opportunities to share and learn from one another fun activities they have enjoyed trying with their own child.